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Web development

We develop fast and secure websites and web applications using Jamstack and composable architecture.

Our development work

Large Website as the Main Sales Channel

Client: Maistra Hospitality Group

As one of the largest hospitality companies in the Adriatic, Maistra is aware that most strategic decisions need to be supported by technology.


Personalized Finance Platform

Client: Association of Pension Fund Management Companies

Web portal for raising awareness of the importance of pension savings and retirement planning.


The benefits of Jamstack

  1. No databases, no time-consuming multiple queries. Get a solution with optimal loading times.

  2. No system administration. All our products are done using industry standard Cloud services to ensure stability and faster time to market.

  3. No plugins, less vulnerabilities. Statically rendered websites guarantee a level of security only a few other approaches can offer.

  4. Scalability is not an issue. Expand your website or web app as you want.

  5. No dependency on a vendor. This allows us to use the best existing services for your products, but don’t be dependent on their provides.

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