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Client: HTTPOOL, d.o.o.

Complete renewal of the web portal

With its platform for effective advertising, offers a global solution for advertisers and agencies to get better results on Twitter. is a brand of Aleph Holding, which offers comprehensive solutions for Twitter Ads. It delivers optimal results by using smart technology, vertical-specific features and dedicated performance experts.


In the competitive field of Twitter advertising tools, it was necessary to make the brand stand out. This required the brand’s complete renovation, i.e. a new visual image and, as a result, the renovation of the web portal, which is the central communication point of contact with potential and existing users. In addition to the new visual image, it was necessary to improve the user experience, thereby ensuring the effective collection of sales leads. At the beginning of the project, we set clear business KPIs with the client:

  • improve the user experience (“mobile first” principle, which affects the loading speed)
  • adjust CX according to the user with the aim of increasing the conversion rate (customer experience)
  • increase the number of qualified sales leads
  • improve loading speed
  • enable the strengthening of brand awareness
“Because the brand has to stand out from the competition, we packed it differently.”


With the right combination of strategic planning, understanding of the digital environment, technological solutions, and creative execution, we innovatively renewed and strengthened the brand of an ambitious technology company.

The main solution of the renovation was the presentation of tools and services to potential users. It included a brand renewal and a new, more user-friendly experience using accessible technologies and the creation of useful content. All of these combine to attract quality leads.

For the technical solution, we implemented Netlify technology. Its CMS enables editors to enter and edit content significantly faster, and every change is published through an automated process (continuous deployment).

The site runs on the fastest server infrastructure currently available and is designed to load very quickly, which helps it rank better on Google.

Technology and tools

  • Hugo,
  • Netlify,
  • Netlify CMS.


We have provided the client with:

  • improved user experience,
  • fast operation of the entire system,
  • a better score on Google Core Vitals,
  • an understanding of the client’s tools and services and the increase in interest in them and submission of inquiries.
“Optimized user experience, a refreshed brand identity and quality content enable the collection of quality sales leads.”




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