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Client: Association of Pension Fund Management Companies

Personalized Interactive Finance Platform In Croatia

# Creative concept # Content production # Web design & Development

Web portal for raising awareness of the importance of pension savings and retirement planning.


Only 14% of Croatian citizens in their thirties are planning their pension, according to Ipsos Puls (2018). To raise the awareness of the importance of pension savings and retirement planning, the Association of Pension Fund Management Companies and Pension Insurance Companies (which represents all mandatory and voluntary pension funds in Croatia) has decided to build a central pension platform in Croatia. Built upon JTBD (Jobs-To-Be-Done) interviews with target customers segments, the platform provides all relevant information on the pension system in one place and enables the user to engage with Mr Fin – the first virtual personal assistant that makes savings easier.

Creative concept: personalized and interactive digital platform focused on user needs; a central place for information on pensions and pension funds in Croatia.

Tone of Voice: useful, engaging, relevant.

Objective: To raise awareness on the importance of retirement planning and to strengthen pension funds’ position as mental leaders and relevant partners in their customer’s life.

Content production: +150 guides, analysis, videos, reviews, reports; personalized content created based on in-depth analysis and contextual interviews with users among several demographic groups.


How might we motivate people in Croatia to take care of their retirement and engage them in the complex subject in a straightforward way?

Great services need great digital support.


Multiple ideas for one goal:

  • the first Croatian platform for retirement saving built upon the principles of human-centred design
  • Mr Fin – a virtual personal assistant that makes savings easier
  • in-depth personalized expert guides to help plan a retirement based on users age, occupation and interest
  • smart pension calculators




Google search console

Google datastudio


Interactive, easy and user friendly platform. Results were:

  • integrated Infobip chatbot
  • visualisation of data
  • complex ecosystem
  • secure and fast webpage
  • easy to edit CMS and continuous deployment
“With close collaboration between engineering & design, we created a website with the speed of light.”

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