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Client: Slovenian Tourist Board

Web portal for Slovenia Outdoor: Experience its adventures!

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Presenting outdoor adventures in a country of countless opportunities.


The Slovenia Outdoor Association was formed by renaming the Hiking & Cycling Association. Registered in 2008, it brought together 48 accommodation and agencies specializing in hikers and cyclists till 2019. At that time, the Association of Slovenian Ski Lift Operators joined the association as well.

Their main purpose? Promotion of all outdoor activities in Slovenia, especially on markets abroad. On top of that, they deal with development as well: new products, optimizing legislation and locating Slovenia’s new long-distance routes, while following digital media innovations.


Our challenge? To turn the whole website around – to properly expose & introduce the diversity of activities, providers and services. The existing site combined only a presentation of hiking, biking and mountain resort products … it was our job to change that completely.

Outdoor, together with holidays in the mountains, is one of the most important products that influence revenue and the brand’s image.


We had 4 goals:

  • visual refreshment & update (they had to come closer to the look & feel of a wider area of Slovenian tourism, highlighting all 5-star experiences and premium tourism products),
  • innovative & modern user experience (visual, technical and conceptual solutions had to reflect a modern appealing design and innovative approach to delivering content that is focused on users’ needs and habits),
  • integration of Reservation system (to offer visitors easier online booking of accommodation, experiences and tourist packages of outdoor products),
  • clear connection to slogans: I Feel Slovenia and My Way (to correlate with the umbrella site and whole My Way communication platform, which puts Slovenia on a pedestal, as a destination for exceptional experiences for travellers and tourists).
We turned around the website for Slovenia’s Outdoor experience … completely.



Experience slovenia

Outdoor active


A pleasant experience for easier access to adventures. That means:

  • improved user experience,
  • integrated booking system that brings users easier access to the desired activity, experience or accommodation,
  • holistic web portal covering all possibilities of a year-round holiday in nature (highlighting Slovenian tourism’s leading product: outdoor experience).
“We created a website following the latest guidelines in the digital world and provides the user with an optimal user experience.”

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Experience Slovenian’s outdoor adventures with their new and appealing web portal

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