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Client: Škoda

Reservation of vehicles for test drives

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Simply Clever approach to fast booking of test vehicles.


With its Simply Clever approach, the ŠKODA brand also regulates the method of applying for test drives.


We were faced with challenges listed below:

  • real-time booking,
  • call centre support,
  • universal solution for all dealers (ŠKODA dealers).
“An excellent service requires an excellent experience on the principle of booking hotel rooms.”


We had 3 goals in mind: easier advertising of test drives, immediate confirmation of appointments, and actual availability of test vehicles or appointments.

What we did?

  • We have designed a new website as well as a back-office test vehicle management system: quick, mobile-friendly, and simple to use.
  • Developed a simple, efficient, and quick vehicle model search function, as well as appointment booking.
  • Simple rear-wheel drive system for managing test vehicles and appointments.

How we did it?

  • We created an excellent user experience, which we backed up with modern technological solutions and real-time data of test vehicles.
  • The API was used to connect the data source on the test vehicles to the real data source.



Google datastudio

Google search console


A simple system for both the user and the provider. Here’s what we delivered:

  • better and more user-friendly experience on the vehicle booking page using modern technologies,
  • easy test vehicle management system for dealers or vehicle traders
  • integration of the importer’s call centre and the establishment of new, higher standards for test drives.
“With an innovative data source combination and a positive user experience, you can increase the number of test drives!”

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