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Client: Regia group

Traditional service with digital speed

# Digital strategy # Art direction # UX & UI design # Front-end development # Content production # SEO optimisation # API implementation # Analytics system setup

Digital transformation for winners


With 40+ years in the field, Regia grew to become one of the most popular car service providers in the country. By connecting different car dealers in one single web, it offers a wide selection of services: from selling new and used vehicles, car servicing, inspections, financing to insurances … and much more.


A holistic transformation for optimized performance and a leap into the modern world. Challenges:

  • the major one was the inability to track users’ lifecycle properly due to a disconnected & decentralised business model
  • client lost touch with its core users, due to outdated website content, less-developed brand and poor digital presence
  • hence, their website reported a low engagement rate, short session times and low returning user retention rate, which affected the SEO score and overall performance
  • analysing the website’s predecessor revealed a complex and static architecture. Even more, the whole mobile experience didn’t allow easy navigating and was losing users
Great services need great digital support.


We had three goals: more website traffic, wider reach and better user retention. Therefore, we built a new site: fast, mobile-optimized and engaging. With different users in mind (demanding information for various services), we developed an easy and efficient searching feature and quick browsing across the whole page. How did we do it? We overcame Regia’s challenges with a data-driven analytical process that allowed us to follow up with technological solutions. By identifying the three key business pillars, we’ve restructured the whole website and set user flows around vehicle dealership, vehicle insurance and servicing. It is now equipped with smart filtering systems (moving users closer to their points of interest) and offers users quick navigation to find the right solution for their problems.




Google search console

Google datastudio


With the right solutions, we turned the challenges into excellent results. These are:

  • better, more user-friendly experience on the Regia’s website, using accessible technologies
  • light-weight website profited in terms of speed, as well as in KPI performance
  • equipped and more engaged target audience, due to implemented tools for Regia team, to create useful content (blog posts, landing pages)
  • all in all, a holistic online marketing tool for the whole Regia Group.
“With close collaboration between engineering & design, we created a website with the speed of light.”

Awards and mentions


3rd place on Websi 2020 in the automotive category.

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