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Client: Porsche Inter Auto

Powerful acceleration: with online gaming and a portal for new contacts

# UX # UI # Development # Content

Powerful acceleration


We created a website that modularly adapted to the phases of the campaign and pursued communication goals in order to provide a consistent presentation of content related to the Porsche Taycan model and an expanded possibility of activating online users through the campaign.


We unfolded the story of the Taycan model’s development and included some future driving scenes. We encouraged website visitors to measure the speed at which their finger slides across the screen in relation to the forceful acceleration of the Taycan model as part of the presentation.

Also suitable for bold ideas.


In addition to the advanced website, we created a custom online game that functions as a micro-service on the website.





Innovative solutions bring great results:

  • advanced mobile game,
  • involvement, animation of site visitors, and subsequent collection of new contacts,
  • headless CMS support,
  • high level of security and fast operation,
  • great result on Google Core Vitals.
“We created a system for acquiring new contacts using an innovative approach and a mobile game.”

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