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Client: Porsche Slovenija

First-Class E-Mobility

# digital strategy # UI & UX design # Frontend & backend development # content

Bringing All Existing Platforms Together In One Place


Porsche Slovenia is a holistic e-mobility provider that offers a wide range of e-vehicles with its Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, CUPRA, ŠKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brands. Its MOON brand provides charging stations, solar power plants, electricity storage and management for energy self-sufficiency, together with consulting, planning and installation. It has been present online but with various separate portals.


Positioning Porsche Slovenia as a trusted system (holistic) strategic provider of e-solutions. Highlighting the most comprehensive information platform (medium), where the user finds all types of information he needs, regardless of the purchase phase. Collecting contacts and their transmission to the network and central support for the sale and after-sale of e-vehicles. Combining several portals into one general portal, where the user can be guided through the full range of services, products and tools for e-mobility.

This website will have an impact on the existing communication ecosystem of Porsche Slovenia.




Decap cms


With the smart integration of the entire e-mobility ecosystem into a new website architecture and a unified design vision, the user experience is now seamless and fluid, allowing users to stay on the site longer and consume more content. The entire experience from the first expressed interest to the installation of equipment at a facility can now be traced digitally.

We implemented Netlify technology. Its CMS allows editors to enter and edit content significantly faster, and any changes are published through an automated process (continuous deployment). The site runs on the fastest server infrastructure currently available and is designed to load very quickly, which helps it rank better on Google.

By creating quality and professional content in the field of e-mobility, we have helped various target groups to understand the transition to e-mobility.


We have provided:

  • improved user experience,
  • fast response time of the entire system,
  • better results on Google Core Vitals,
  • an understanding of the services or products of the client and an increase in interest and sales.
“All-in-one portal. Everything you need to enter the world of e-mobility can be found here.”

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