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Client: Porsche Inter Auto

Porsche Cayenne: An Intersection of SUV Content

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Content hub for everything Porsche Cayenne


The Porsche Cayenne is one of the most popular models in the brand’s range. With new technologies and hybrid engines, it also requires the space to explain the specifics and stories that put it into people’s lives.


The challenge of creating a content hub was to make it as simple as possible while still providing a good overview of the content and clear calls for in-depth research, both on the Cayenne model and the low-emission model version technology.

An intersection of Cayenne Technology and Model Content.


To promote the latest version of the vehicle, we created a simple, transparent presentation website that allows editors to enter content quickly and easily. At the same time, it satisfies all of the modern SEO and technical requirements.

  • Netlify technology allows for rapid implementation.

  • New modern website.

  • Faster page performance.




Decap cms


With the right choice of technology, we were able to come up with a modern website. This reflected in:

  • transparent and modern user experience,
  • headless CMS support,
  • increased security and significantly faster operation,
  • better result on Google Core Vitals;
“Who says a good website can’t be made in a short time.”

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