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Client: Porsche Inter Auto

Porsche 911 Mini Cup - 8 stages to victory

# UX # UI # Development # Content

A 911 race on a mini track with prominent automotive personalities.


We launched the 911 model range campaign in an interactive way, combining video production with interactive work. Users competed for prizes by voting for the winner of the race.


The website is designed in 2 phases: the campaign phase and the post-campaign phase. In the first section, there was a voting system where the user could choose between two competitors in the current racing stage and a content section where the user could wait for articles explaining the 911 model range and its history. After the vote, the website was redesigned in the second phase to serve as a hub for all 911-related content. As a result, the website had to serve the campaign’s purpose while also remaining operational after the main part of the communication activities were completed.

Also appropriate for difficult editorial challenges.


We had to enable a solution that supports the required functionality using Netlify CMS due to the specifics of the type of content (video, date of publication) and editorial requirements. We ensured the safe and transparent participation of all users by using Netlify forms.

  • Development of a voting platform to verify and prevent abuse.
  • Automated content publishing and automated voting.



Decap cms



With the right solutions, we have achieved fast operation for a modern experience.


  • active involvement of users throughout the entire campaign by gaining new contacts
  • modern user experience
  • headless CMS support
  • fast operation of the entire system
  • better result on Google Core Vitals
“More than 5,000 users voted in the 8 stages.”

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