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Client: Magna-C

Transition to a Modern E-commerce Platform

# online store # Private app # custom theme # product catalog

Building a B2C web store for all sizes of magnets


Magna-C specializes in the production and sale of all types of magnets. They have been part of the European b2b market and one of the largest manufacturers for many years. Their prominent partners are Daimler, Liebherr, Bosch, Kärcher and others. They have been present online with an online store built on a platform that no longer allows competitive development and content administration these days.


Our goal was to transform the existing online store, improve the user experience and choose the optimal e-comm platform that will meet the needs of a b2b business. The platform has to support current requirements and future upgrades and requirements. The solution has to be cloud based, support integration with their ERP system, provide simple management of the product catalog, and, at the same time, offer advanced pricing functionalities. It has to support a multi-language shop and several sales channels. A simple CMS is a benefit.

“Shopware is a modern platform that can grow with you.”


Based on the requirements, we have chosen the fastest growing e-comm platform, Shopware. It supports simple stores and can handle even the most complex ones. The cloud-based version has been chosen. The platform enables rapid development, has an API connection to various databases (ERP, CRM, …) and payment service providers, supports multilingualism, and features a transparent and powerful product catalog and private applications. The private application enables you to add functionality that is not out of the box.




We provided:

  • Enhanced UX
  • Private app
  • Custom theme
  • Simplified store management
  • ERP integration
  • Payment methods
  • Supports b2b
“A powerful CMS and product catalog are crucial building blocks for success.”

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