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Client: Julius Baer

When tradition meets technology

# front-end # UX & UI # ART DIRECTIONS

Wealth management


Julius Baer is the international reference in wealth management, based on a solid Swiss heritage. With origins dating back to 1890, they have been dedicated to serving and advising private clients and family offices from all around the world. Positioned as a leading Swiss wealth management group, they need to be powered by high-end services and expertise. To remain at the forefront of their industry, they have to actively embrace changes in each field of their business. All the time.


Constantly changing visitors’ habits and expectations, accompanied by trends in technology were the main challenges in general. To remain on top of your business, you need not only to follow trends but to set them. The client’s obsolete design and deficient user experience led to low user engagement, shorter session times and lower retention rates. This all had an impact on overall performance and improvement was crucial.

To remain at the forefront of your industry, you have to actively embrace changes.


We crafted a thorough UX-design and relaxed but stern UI-design. Both were following the atomic design approach used by our partners at C3 to create a complete and attractive redesign that is also easy to use.

The website redesign was a result of close collaboration between 5 different teams, with one common goal. How did we make the user experience seamless and intuitive while adding to the brand’s trustworthiness?

Using the latest content marketing standards, a high image to content ratio, animations in small details, use of 3D images, 6-breakpoint grid, microscopic adjustments based on different viewports, and on top of it all: a pixel-perfect implementation.


Atomic design fractal

Ecma script 6


Twig templating engine

Visual studi code editorconfig plugin



We made the redesigned website come to life thanks to the collaboration with amazing teams: C3’s design, UX and content team, as well as the Swisscomm and Julius Baer teams. We reached it with a front-end implementation using the above-mentioned technologies for the client’s TYPO3 content management system.

“The more teams there are involved, the more communication and managing the project requires.”

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