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Client: Telekom Slovenije

Moving website to Jamstack in record time

# Development # SEO optimisation

We moved a website to Hugo & Netlify CMS while keeping the old form and function.


Izi is a Telekom Slovenia brand intended for younger users. As a virtual operator, it offers a modern approach and user experience. Graphic language is light and fun, while the user experience is easy.


The technology used on the existing website did not adhere to the user interface and brand message trends. Content entry was too slow without CMS support, and client upgrades and security rules made upgrading complicated and costly.

The structure of the page was not altered in such a way that it could be mapped into the CMS interface, so the UX had to be adjusted for both mobile and desktop devices.

Every upgrade is published in under a minute…


By adapting and improving the user experience, we have adapted the architecture and design that can implement Netlify (Jamstack) technology. We have provided editors with significantly faster access to content that allows for easy input and editing by utilizing the Netlify CMS. With an automated process, each change or upgrade is automatically published (Continuous deployment).


  • we adapted and enhanced the user experience for mobile and desktop devices,
  • we sped up the development process and cut costs by replacing the technology,
  • faster page performance,
  • development of site search and navigation features that are simple, efficient, and quick (with a variety of users looking for information on different services).




Decap cms


Better performance in all segments. Among others:

  • improved user experience,
  • headless CMS support,
  • increased security and significantly faster operation,
  • better result on Google Core Vitals.
We've cut the loading time by six times!

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