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Client: IKK Classic

Content system for success

# Front-end development

Solutions for well-being


One of the largest health insurance companies in Europe needed a complete refresh of their existing channels and we provided design and technology to implement that.


The main one was meeting the high standards of our partner C3, who was given the responsibility to align communication across all channels for client IKK - one of the leading statutory health insurance companies in Germany.

IKK was handling more than 5.2 Mio people insured with IKK.


We created a holistic content marketing strategy and its whole ecosystem, along with the C3 team. Our goal was to open up new communication channels and ensure well-networked and effective communication with target groups - at all touch points. Accordingly, we redesigned their website as well. It now follows the latest corporate design trends and offers better brand exposure. Most importantly – it is already strengthening customer relationships, which brings results in improved loyalty and retention.

The best content marketing strategy is a holistic one.


Hibiscus patternlab

Magnolia cms


With the right choice of technology, we have achieved the following:

  • front-end interfaces working more efficiently (using the Hibiscus Patternlab bridge for the Magnolia CMS),
  • stronger customer relationships, improved loyalty and customer retention rate.