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Client: Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia

Presenting Vital Information as a Main Goal for a Website

# Art direction # UI design # UX design # Front-end development # Client workshop

Delivering hiking/mountaineering knowledge is a matter of public health.


Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia (GRZS) is the key information holder for every mountain-goer, be it a professional or a recreational hiker. At its heart are the people: the volunteers, the rescuers, and the rescued. And, of course, their supporters.

Thus, the is the starting point for everything related to the mountains. Not only to inform about the organization, its activities and rescue ventures but also to educate and spread awareness of what exactly it means to journey to the mountain world.


Keep up with the times and simplify the experience. Our challenges were:

  • an outdated, unresponsive existing website that has fallen behind times,
  • similar content scattered across the site,
  • complicated architecture;
Complicated things are simple.


The entire creative solution follows a new structure that meets the requirements of the client as a voluntary organization in service of the public, as well as the needs of the user who visits the site with a specific goal. Every visitor gets a sense of what the site has to offer at a single glance.

The design provides clear visibility even on smaller screens, whereas the structure is divided based on the main purposes of the site:

  • education,
    Visitors can read guides on proper mountain behaviour, learn about how to become a mountain rescuer or how to react in a case of an accident.
  • information,
    A go-to for anyone who wants to learn more about the organisation’s activities and rescue missions on daily basis.
  • presentation;
    Visitors can learn more about the organisation or its member organisations.





User-friendly website. This is reflected in:

  • mobile-friendly website with a completely new design,
  • clear design with relevant information at the user’s fingertips,
  • website enriched with the content from the GRZS volunteers;
All information for hiker available within a click.

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