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Client: Agilcon

Redesign of the User Interface for the Most Popular HRM Solution in Slovenia

# Analysis # strategy # UI # UX # system design

How we updated the interface while complying to the Salesforce platform


Agilcon is a leading regional partner and integrator for Salesforce services. On the Salesforce platform, it has developed Gecko HRM, a web application that uses cloud technology. The key to Salesforce’s and Gecko’s success is the security of data and adaptability to individual company processes. You can read more about the Gecko HRM solution here.


The challenge for the TechHub team was to redesign the user experience and interface of Gecko HRM. The emphasis was on a unified user experience regardless of the device, and special attention was paid to mobile users for whom the current solution was not optimally adapted. The client’s wish was a simple graphical language with clear visualization and unified building blocks that can speed up development and upgrades. The final solution had to comply with Salesforce technology guidelines and rules.

“Minimalism, data visualization and flat design.”

Approach and principles

  • heuristic analysis
  • user testing
  • user paths
  • UX assessment
  • UI design


We have provided the client with:

  • a unified and improved user experience,
  • gamification,
  • an editorial policy,
  • visualization of data types,
  • unification of building blocks,
  • a mobile first approach
  • ease of use - customized user paths,
  • a visually updated user interface in line with design trends.
“The user interface is a key added value to customers and improves satisfaction with the use of the Gecko application.”

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