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Client: Cariad

Cariad experience – the future is digital

# Backend development # Custom web app for Microsoft Surface 28 # Fluid mobile app # Video streaming # Animations

Seamlessly integrated automotive experience


Cariad is a technology company specializing in automotive software and equipment. It combines the knowledge and competencies of the entire Volkswagen Group and, in combination with tradition, brings innovation to the entire group.

Founded in 2020, it employs more than 4,500 developers, engineers and designers worldwide. With the help of software and technological innovations, Cariad transforms the car into an automotive experience that is seamlessly integrated into our digital lives.


We faced several challenges, namely the development of an application for a device of non-standard dimensions and resolution (Microsoft Surface Studio 2, with a 28-inch screen and a resolution of 4500x3000px). We had to come up with a mobile web fluid application that required many animation adjustments to work properly on many devices. With all of this, the apps had to work flawlessly when playing high-definition videos. The final product had to be delivered within three weeks.

Animations can be a great challenge if you need to adapt them to each device.


Due to the technical requirements for a fast user interface adapted to different devices, we used Netlify technology and Hugo framework. Thus, we were able to develop individually tailored solutions required by the client. We used a special platform for streaming content and adjusted the player to fit different screens. A special challenge was the animations, which required some non-standard behaviour.





  • Customized app for specific device - Microsoft Surface Studio 2.
  • Smooth performance when playing animation and HD videos.
  • 3-week project.
“Delivered in 3 weeks.”

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